Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eleventh Grade and Sixth Grade

I swear this summer just flew by. I'm not sure if it's because we were so busy we couldn't keep the days straight or that we just didn't have anything really going on and the days all just melted into each other. 

But here we are as another school year begins.

I'm now the mom of an eleventh grader and a sixth grader. I just shed a tear as my breath hitched as I typed that sentence. It still has not sunk in that I have a junior in high school. When did that happen, how did that happen. I know how it happened, Father Time played a nasty trick on me and sped up the clock each day.

I'm OK with R2 going into 6th grade, really I am. I've been down this road before so it's familiar. I wasn't ready for R1 to start 6th grade but I know he was ready and it is the same thing for R2, he's ready and I'm not. 

All of this just means they are growing up and it is all just happening to fast for my liking. 

Here is the first day obligatory picture. They were both over it and clearly I wasn't. But you can't see the 4,286 pictures that I made them take that all sitting on my phone.


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