Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Friday Extravaganza

Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope it was good. 

My best friend Beth and her daughter Alex and I started a tradition back in 2009 to go shopping on Black Friday. That first year we left my house at 5am. 5AM! We were crazy!

The only time we didn't go was last year when we were at Disney the week of Thanksgiving but other than that, we haven't missed a year. And to top it off when I say we shop, we shop. Like anywhere between eleven to thirteen hours of shopping. We usually find some really great deals and we are never rushed and just kinda go with the flow. 

So this year on Black Friday we left at 6:30AM for our annual shopping extravaganza. We started out with a quick stop for breakfast and then on to the following stores:

American Eagle
JC Penneys
Shoe Department
Forever 21
Dress Barn
Shoe Carnival

I'm sure I have missed a few stores in there but you get the idea. 

And in true shopping fashion we shopped till dropped, almost eleven hours worth. My boys were slow in providing me with a list of what they wanted so I just kinda winged it. I scored a few good deals. One of the best deals of the day for me was a $40 shirt that I purchased for just $5. Beth found some great deals and just about finished her shopping. 

And of course we stopped for our traditional lunch of Tex-Mex. We hit one of our favorite places and we practically inhaled our food we were so hungry. 

I pulled into my drive way at 5:30pm and promptly got on the couch and did not move. I was worn out. But the two things that made me the most happy were I got to spend some time with my girls and I had put the Christmas tree up Thanksgiving night. 

Sometimes it's the little things that bring the greatest joy. 

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