Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Still Ballin'

Well I thought we were done with baseball for a while and it turns out I was wrong. 

In the upcoming weeks R1 begins conditioning with a new coach for the 2016 season, which by the way is months away. He said wants to be in shape and ready to go before the season starts. I can't say I blame him there. Catching is hard position to play and so if he stays in shape during the off season making the transition to game time will be easier. 

R2 had a tryout with a select team. He has been wanting to play select baseball for a few years and we finally decided to take the plunge with him. So this past weekend he had a two day tryout. And let me just say it was HOT! Nothing smells better in the summer breeze than the smell of burning turf. Not really. It was 102 degrees yesterday and R2 played catcher. When the second to last inning was over and he took of the catchers mask and slowly walked off the field and I knew at that moment he was feeling the heat. I walked over and made sure he had plenty of Gatorade and reminded him to drink it and drink it often and to let me know when he needed more.  

He did good and he was proud of the effort he put forth. And because he knows me so well and how I worry and get nervous for him and his brother, he told me, "Mom if I make the team great and if not then that's OK too, there is always regular season ball." What a great attitude to have. I'm proud of him. 

So I guess we are still kinda baseballing around here and I'll take it!

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{amy} said...

I know you, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind year-round baseball! Speaking of...how 'bout them 'Stros?!