Friday, June 26, 2015

Just A Little Date

R2 and I had date night last night. R1 would have gone with us but he has been at camp all week. 

R2 and I went to one of our favorite places where they cook Japanese food on the grill right in front of you. So we ended up ordering two different sushi rolls, soup (I know it's 100 degrees  in Texas but they have the best soup) and shrimp and fried rice. It was yummy!

And then he and I went to the movies to see Inside Out. It was cute and Hubs told me it would probably make me cry. The boys love to make fun of me when I cry at movies. Like at the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy dropped off his old box of toys at Bonnie's house before he left for college and then Woody and Buzz sat on the porch and watched him drive away. Yes I cried. I like a baby crying big crocodile tears I cried. And since we are being honest, it took me about 5 times of watching it before I quit crying at that scene. I still get choked up but no tears. So when the part came that Hubs thought I would cry, R2 looked over at me to make sure I wasn't boo hooing and then proceeds to hand me a tissue. I look at him and tell him I'm not crying. But he didn't believe me and then put his hand up to my eyes to make sure they weren't wet with tears. Oh that boy!

Anyway, It was a great night and he was a perfect gentleman. He even gave me a good night kiss on the cheek. 

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{amy} said...

What a great date night! :)