Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And Just Like That, He's a Sophomore

Yesterday was R1's last day of school as a Freshman. Where did the school year go? I swear it feels like he was just starting his high school career. One year gone, poof, under his belt, no longer the underclassman. 

I can not even begin to tell you how proud I am of him this year. He made all A's most of the year and if not all A's then it was all A's and one B. He was involved in so many school functions and extra curricular activities that I never knew if we were coming or going. He only missed one day of school. He also received several awards at the awards ceremony.

I watched him make decisions that will ultimately affect his future. I watched him step up to the plate when it mattered the most, on and off the baseball field. And the best part of all was I had a front row seat to cheer him on.

I love you R1! You make me and your daddy so proud. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this year. They are hard earned and well deserved!



Brooke said...

wow - time flies!!
congrats to him on the excellent grades.

{amy} said...

It's crazy how quickly time flies! My kids still have three half-days of school (for exams), but then I'll have two kids in high school! Crazy!! I hope y'all have a great summer!