Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Things That Keep Me Busy

Ummm... hello! Hi there! How are you doing?

Yeah I know I've been gone for a bit but things around here have been pretty busy and while most of the happenings are mostly everyday things they have kept me unusually busy. So I'll just jump right in.

R1 finished up his football season last week and they were undefeated and named district champs. I was so proud of him and his team. 

Our varsity team also made the playoffs. First time since seven years. The games is tonight and it's gonna be just a tad bit cold out there. But we are going to go out and support our boys. 

R2 decided he wanted to play basketball after attending basketball camp this summer. So we will be busy with practices and games starting next week. He also got new glasses. He got glasses at the end of kindergarten and we are half way through third grade and he finally needed a new prescription. I guess I should be glad that it took this long. 

I finished one of my classes up a few weeks ago and made an A. I was pretty excited because I was taking two classes at once and this course was condensed from a normal 15 week to an 8 week course. So now I'm just down to one class and I can't wait till Christmas break. 

And it was because of these classes and having to read text books I realized my eye sight just wasn't what it used to be. I knew at some point that I was going to need glasses and I know that I should be thankful that I made it to over 40 before I needed an eye exam. So after putting it off for a while, I bit the bullet and went to the eye doctor. And after a complete eye examination and then trying on about 826 different frames I settled on a pair. I picked up my new glasses last week. And while I like them and I'm glad I got them, I can't help but keep wondering if I just should have purchased a pair of cheater glasses since my distance vision is perfect and it's only up close that is blurry. 

Also Hubs had some minor surgery a month ago and we are still dealing with recovery. He had a cyst removed from the back of his neck. And it has been healing nicely with only a minor set back. And after a second post op visit the doctor said it should be completely healed in about a week. 

Well that's about it. See I told you just a lot of everyday stuff but stuff that has kept me busy. 

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