Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Stellar Night

Last night was just one of those nights where everything just fell into place. 

We got home from school. The kids did homework and Hubs helped them. I cooked dinner. Yes I know hell might have frozen over. Anyone who has been around here for a while knows that Hubs does 90% of the cooking. Not because I can't cook but because he likes to cook. Who am I to mess with a good thing? 

I did some laundry and then I took my exam for one of my classes. I don't know why the instructor gave us a review sheet because most of the questions didn't even have anything to do with what was on that page. However, I'm not going to gripe because I made a 90, so I'll leave it at that. 

Oh, because of the 90 I have given myself permission to take the night off from reading for this class and the other class I am taking. 
And there you have it. A stellar week night at our house. 

Peace out!


1 comment:

Hubs said...

A stellar night turned into a not so fun day, huh. I'm sure you will be blogging about that tomorrow. BTW the dinner was fabulous, especially the part I had left over for lunch.