Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and an A

Hi y'all! I'm RRMama and I used to write here on a regular basis. But then I decided to go back to college and life with my family kinda took over. But school is out for the summer for me and baseball season is coming to a close. So it kinda looks like I might start this blogging thing back up.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. It started with church and R2 singing with the children's choir during the service. It was so sweet to see my baby up front singing his heart out. Then we had a relaxing lunch and I ended up taking a nap, outside. It was the first and best nap I had had on a Sunday since school started back in January. 

Then later yesterday afternoon, Hubs grilled ribs, fresh corn on the cob and baked some potatoes. All I can say is YUM! 

Another thing that made yesterday so great was I logged into my college course account to see if my final grade had been posted and it was. I made an A! I was so excited, all my hard work this semester had paid off. And now it's time for some rest and relaxation! Until the Fall semester, which I am already planning for. Two classes instead of one and working full time, and baseball and oh my I need to stop talking about it or I might hyperventilate.

And with that, I hope to see y'all again on Tuesday. 


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{amy} said...

I'm glad you had a great day & got an A!! I hope you enjoy your summer! I look forward to seeing more posts from you, and I hope we can meet up sometime this summer!