Monday, January 7, 2013


I think it's safe to say that I have been bitten by the football bug. 

This was Hubs' status on Facebook on Friday night:   Oh how the tables have turned. There is someone in this house screaming at the football game on TV and it isn't me.  

Yes that was me screaming at the TV. And for good reason I was watching the Cotton Bowl. An interception was just thrown and OU caught it in the end zone. Yeah, that's me using the term end zone and interception. I know I almost fainted too.

It was a great game. For those of you who were out of touch and couldn't watch The Cotton Bowl I'll just tell you this AGGIES WON!! They BTHO OU! Final score...A&M 41 OU 13. 

After seeing this how can you not like football?


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{amy} said...

Ha ha! This comin from the lady who was SO over football & looking toward Opening Day just last week or so?? ;)