Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hibachi style Valentines

Last week for Valentine's Day I was sick. Sick as in I didn't want to do anything but sleep.

And that is pretty much what I did. That and ruin what Hubs had planned for the night.

Sorry babe.

But he was great about it and just postponed it all till Thursday.

I came home to find the garage was shut and it would not go up. The first thought was OK great the power's out but there were lights on inside. Then the next thought was the garage door was broken.

So I walked around to the front door where I was met by two boys and a sign on the front door inviting me into a restaurant named after our neighborhood.

When I stepped into the hallway, Hubs met us with his dress clothes on and asked if he could take my purse and if we wanted a table or a booth. I almost said booth but we don't have one of those in our house. Although, I would love one of those cute little breakfast nooks in the kitchen.

The three of us sat down at the dinning room table and our waiter, Hubs, came and took our drink order and gave us menus. When he came back with our drinks he proceeded to set up our griddle. He was going to cook dinner hibachi style.

One of your favorite local restaurants is a hibachi grill. They have the best soup, sushi, and rice.

Hubs out did himself. He even made the volcano like the restaurant does.



Mari said...

I think this is the best valentine idea ever - you better keep him!

Beth Cotell said...

Wow! Your husband is VERY romantic! What a sweet, sweet dinner!

{amy} said...

Super cool! :)

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH! I love your family. How great is that? Fantastic.