Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frito pie and a little Friday Night Lights on a Monday

So Hubs had some dental work yesterday and because of this my in-laws took the boys to the lake for the night so I would only have one child to look after. Hubs being the child.

And before he gets all in an up roar, he's was a really great patient. He didn't wine, cry, or moan once. I was proud of him.

Anyway so since he really couldn't eat anything but soup, it was a kinda fend for your self night at our house. I chose Frito pie, but only because we had left over chili from the night before.

And since the boys weren't home, Hubs and I got full rein of the TV. No Phineas & Ferb. No iCarly. No Good Luck Charlie. Really no Disney Channel whatsoever. I know their ratings took a nose dive at least for one night.

So what did we do with our free TV time. I put my foot down and said I was finally watching the series finale of Friday Night Lights. I had read a few spoiler alerts, thanks Big Mama, but it was OK because I knew Coach and Tami would end up fine whether they stayed in Texas or moved. I knew Matt was going to propose to Julie, I knew at that Tim and Tyra's dreams might merge. Who am I kidding. I had no idea!! But what I did know was that at some point I was going to watch the finale, I just had to bring myself to do. It was like Harry Potter, I didn't want it to end. But that's another post for another day.

What Hubs finds ironic is that I don't like to watch football. No pros, no college, not even high school football. But I love movies and TV shows about football. One of my favorite movies is The Blind Side. It's really not directly about football, but it is a big part of the movie. I have been watching Friday Night Lights FOREVER! The movies Remember the Titans, and Facing the Giants. See football. Go figure.

Anyway after I used almost half a box of tissues, I managed to dry my eyes and get rid of the huge lump in my throat, Hubs and I moved on to some great TV classics, such as multiple episodes of Pawn Stars, about 6.4 seconds of Monday RAW and Real Housewives of New York City.

Don't judge.

And adult TV didn't last long the boys will be home tonight and the Disney Channels rating will go back up. I Promise.


Brooke said...

i haven't watched WWE raw in ages!! have you read the john grisham book about football? i can't remember the name of it...crap.

{amy} said...

Ha ha! I can totally relate to the whole Disney Channel! And I like football movies but don't watch football (unless our friend is playing). I love baseball movies, too, as I'm sure you do! :) I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm trying to catch up on blogs & (like you) haven't been leaving comments ~ but I'm reading the posts!

cfoxes33 said...

So totally FNL is/was my favorite tv show. I loved how they ended it. Not everyone went down in perfection. I loved that Coach Taylor chose his wife over the Panthers. I love that Julie and Matt are getting married. I hated that Luke went to the military (that one shocked me)! I hated that Jess moved to Dallas, but loved that she was coaching. I could gush forever!