Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brusha brusha brusha get the new Ipana toothpaste

One of the things we did while on Spring Break was make our semi annual trip to the dentist. I would like to say we did nothing but fun things while on our break but I don't know if you would call going to the dentist fun. Well unless you are R2. He thought it was fun.


Brooke said...

what a blessed mama you are - to have your kid enjoy the dentist??

Unknown said...

We pretty much LOVE our dentist : )
It borders on insanity! LOVe this picture.
We haven't had a spring break yet. I think we need to move with you : )

Mari said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog today!
R2 is quite something. I don't know of anyone who likes to go to the dentist!